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Origin® custom prosthesis with KneePLAN® technology

The Origin® design concept is based on the three-dimensional
preoperative analysis of the patient’s knee morphology using KneePLAN®
technology. It aims to determine the pathological wear
deformation in order to correct it, but also to identify the constitutional (or
native) condylar geometries and alignment of the patient, which can be
restored in order to allow better functional results.

1. More precision due to the preoperative 3D planning
2. Reproducibility thanks to the custom-made cutting guides
3. Simplification of technique and equipment 
4. Reduction of surgical time and hospital costs 

Origin® PS Custom Knee – Surgical Technique
CT Protocol Custom Total Knee Replacement
Technical Letter Of Introduction
Operative Technique Video


Custom Hip prosthesis with HipPLAN® 

The Custom Hip™, with 15 years postoperatively published results, has demonstrated an especially effective response in the treatment of complex indications, such as severe dysplasias or young patients. Drawing upon 19 years of clinical experience involving the design and manufacture of over 21,400 Custom Hip™ prostheses, Symbios has introduced the first system allowing total control of the 3 principle anatomical factors to reconstruct the hip joint.

The Symbios system consists of 3 elements:

1. 3D planning software: HipPlan®
2. Custom Implants
3. Reliable and reproducible positioning of the implants

Custom/3D planned Total Hip Replacement
HipPlan® pre–operative planning software

No line of sight issues

1. Flexible hand-held device draped sterile and used briefly for the accuracy steps 
2. Surgical navigation without line of sight issues and with equally immediate results
3. The highly accurate NAVItag trackers are insensitive to fluids

Minimally invasive surgical technique

1. Miniaturized mounts and ultra-lightweight NAVItag trackers support all approaches
2. Few additional instruments enable a digital surgical technique

Improved and documented outcome

1. Requirement of no imaging techniques 
2. Surgeon implements preoperative planning with optimal accuracy
3. Reduction of complication risk
4. Surgery documented in detail and objective traceability


The focus of Naviswiss hip navigation is on simplicity and essential functionality. Without the need for preoperative imaging it gives the surgeon full control over cup orientation, leg length and offset.
It assists in achieving the planned outcome and an optimized patient-individual alignment.


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