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Custom Knee – Origin®

Symbios uses its preoperative planning software system – KneePLAN® to create a 3D simulation of the knee and determine the native anatomy and bone contours. Based on this information, a custom Origin® prosthesis is designed which has the same shape as the patients knee and is optimally fitted and contoured to create a prosthesis that is as “natural” as possible, carefully recreating the balance in the soft tissues surrounding the knee joint. After designing, customized 3D surgical guides are produced which help the surgeon precisely position the implant intraoperatively.

  • Natural functioning
  • Reproduced kinematics
  • Reduced risk of post-operative prosthetic pain
  • Preserved bone stock


KneePLAN® is a pre-operative planning software based on careful analysis of DICOM images obtained during CT scanning. Personalized and individualized pre-operative planning allows the design and manufacture of “personalized” cutting blocks to facilitate implant placement, instrumentation to help achieve optimal stability, correct placement and alignment of the ligaments.

KneePLAN® is a proven planning software based on over 20 years of experience in 3D planning using:

  • Own computer software
  • Internal programming
  • Production technology (3D printing)

Custom Hip ™

Since some patients’ hip morphology does not allow insertion of a standard cemented or uncemented stem, Symbios has developed a custom (bespoke) prosthetic solution for custom hip replacement, also considered a “made to measure” solution.

Starting with the CT scan, the Custom Hip™ is perfectly suited to a wide range of anatomical variations of the femur in the entire population and allows the patient to regain a completely normal quality of life.



HipPlan® is a 3D preoperative planning tool that uses images obtained from a CT scan to carefully plan future surgery. Restoring equal leg lengths and muscle function, and ensuring the stability of the head-acetabular joint during a total hip replacement are three very important parameters by which HipPlan® can help professionals optimize their results. Further benefits of this planning process include achieving the best possible outcomes, including immediate discharge from hospital and return to normal activity, feeling almost “unaware” of a hip replacement.

Naviswiss Navigation

Naviswiss has created a landmark based hip navigation which supports
minimally invasive surgery in supine and lateral patient position and helps the surgeon in accurately implementing and documenting the
planned cup alignment , leg length and offset. No pre operative CT is required.

The focus of Naviswiss hip navigation is on simplicity and essential functionality giving the surgeon full control and assisting in achieving the planned outcome and an optimized patient-individual alignment.


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