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  • Testimonial

    “The experienced hip surgeon in most cases does not require aids to assist in performing a total hip arthroplasty. But in today’s times it is necessary. In the hands of the experienced surgeon, the Naviswiss navigation system confirms the surgeons placement and documents the procedure. In the hands of the inexperienced surgeon, the system will assist in avoiding any uncertainties.”

    Evangelos Gakis, MD
    Director of Orthopaedic Clinic, Medical Center Psychiko
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    “Medbox gives us the opportunity to gain access to smart technologies such as the Custom Made Knee by Symbios, as well as the exceptional miniaturised navigation system by Naviswiss. The use of these technologies in combination with our innovative surgical techniques our patients enjoy top services and results.”

    Nikolaos Christodoulou, MD PhD
    Director of Orthopaedic Clinic, Medical Center Psychiko