Our Mission is to represent the power of change in order to improve quality of life and provide better management of cost and time throughout the pathway of surgical rehabilitation of orthopaedics patients.

Our Vision is to show the future by constantly searching for new ways to improve our solutions and services. We believe in investing in technology in order to help people live better.


Company Founder George Karidis has been working in the orthopaedics field for over 25 years with extensive knowledge in the OR, patient management and rehabilitation. His passion for the patients’ quality of life and the advancement of the orthopaedic community led him to create a new, pioneering company which provides top quality, innovative and affordable solutions.

• Tomorrows smart technology in the surgeons hands today
• Plethora of enhancements to both surgeon and patient with proven results
• Flexible systems cater to every patient’s personal needs
• Swiss made precision instruments deliver cutting edge technology with a minimal footprint


“MedBox offers exemplary products to the fast moving medical environment in order to place tomorrows tools in the surgeons hands today.”


Symbios boasts the largest worldwide experience in the design and manufacture of custom hips and knees, with a database of over 29,000 patients and a complete range of standard implants to complement and satisfy the most rigorous demands of modern orthopaedic surgery.

Naviswiss has developed miniaturized surgical navigation to improve the quality of surgery and make the technology available to a broader base of users.

Join Us

If your company or you share the same passion with us in promoting pioneering technologies we want to hear your ideas.

MedBox is always seeking new partners in order to expand and diversify our network, working together to further develop our field of activity and improve our offered techniques and therapy methods.

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Get Our Latest News